“There are maps through your bones and skin, to the way you’ve felt, and the way you’ve been.”


Sessions are an integration of all the healing modalities I am trained in as they are very synergistic. Reiki, for example, is always part of a session as it usually starts flowing through my body during the initial conversation/ check in. When we address specific physical symptoms, I utilize my Chinese Medicine background for pulse & tongue diagnosis as this gives me insight to the organ system. On request, we can focus on one of the specific modalities as they are also very effective and powerful by themselves. Every session consists of an initial conversation and consultation.



Reiki, bodywork, essential oils, guided visualization. Moving stagnation in the body by using the Chinese Medicine meridian system and acupuncture points.

For pain, anxiety, specific medical issues, or a general feeling of “being stuck” or blocked.

70 min / $150

100 min / $200 (25 min Holistic Consultation +75 min Meridian Therapy)



Reiki, craniosacral therapy, breath release, guided meditation and visualization.

For overall relaxation, balance, stress –release, heart opening.

70 min / $150
100 min / $200 (25 min Holistic Consultation +75 min Integrative Reiki)



Reiki, bodywork, guided pranayama, castor oil pack application, essential oils.

On the physical level this treatment addresses any imbalances around menstruation (PMS), fertility, miscarriage, as well as digestive issues.

On the emotional and spiritual level it reconnects you to your divine feminine energy, helping women to come back to a healthy sense of empowerment.

90 min / $175 (15 min Holistic Consultation +75 min Womb Healing)



Focus on breath release and Reiki to address and release trauma in the body and invite a new sense of groundedness and trust.

For heart calming and opening.

70 min / $150
100 min / $200 (25 min Holistic Consultation +75 min Somatic/ Energetic Release)




Craniosacral therapy combined with breath release. A very energizing and balancing treatment for body and mind. Activating the energy of the spine, the “pillar of life”.

For detox, fatigue, and rebalancing body and mind.

70 min / $150


Gift Certificate

To purchase please click the “Book a Session” button below and select Gift Certificate. If you have any questions regarding which treatment would be right please email Lara.


Promoting Internal and External Beauty & Wellbeing - Facial, Neck & Shoulder Gua Sha & Acupoint Application to  promote internal and external Detox, Rejuvenation, and a sense of Deep Nourishment, combined with whole Body Reiki and Holistic Nutrition Consultation.

A gift of Self Care/ Love. 

90 min / $200

Skype Healing Session.JPG


These 75min SKYPE Sessions begin with a Spiritual Consultation/Guidance and a second part of Guided Meditation that will include Breathwork for Emotional Unblocking, and Reiki that is sent Long Distance.

Also great as follow up sessions for clients who have previously seen me for Trauma Release Sessions. 

75 min / $150

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These sessions are great for couples and equally beneficial for friends, siblings, family members, business partners etc. who are looking to heal their relationship.

Consultation and Guided Communication, Breathwork, Reiki - sacred space is opened and held for each party to share and be heard. 

I teach different tools which encourage healing and transformative communication. Second part of the session consists of an active Breathing Meditation and Reiki which support recognition and release of emotional blocks, dysfunctional patterns and trauma, as well as heart opening, expansion and a new sense of grounding into the physical body.

90 min / $300



A “traditional” Front & Back Reiki treatment  -In these deeply nurturing sessions your Heart, Spirit, and Soul are leading. 

Unlike in the “Integrative Reiki Sessions” - here, we wont have an initial consultation or check in. There will be a few minutes after the treatment for sharing.

Outdoor + Surrounded by the Elements - Sun, Sky, Air, Water, and Plants, Hummingbirds, Butterflies..

Note: at temps over 86 F - the session will be held indoors - and be equally peaceful and nurturing.

Indoors is always an option for a Reiki-Bliss Session.

80min $175


“I’m deeply grateful for Lara so gracefully connecting me back to my feminine during our sessions with her sacred womb massage. I’ve had some of the most profound emotional openings during and after each time we’ve worked together. They’ve left me raw, open, and ready to renew from a stronger and more vulnerable place. Lara, your grace, strength, and touch is exactly what I need to rebalance and connect deeper with myself. You’re pure medicine, and I’m grateful.” -Lacy Phillips

"From the moment she greets me with her warm, radiant smile I know I am in good hands. She listens and reassures with love and care. Because of her natural healing touch and attentive heart I feel deeply nurtured on multiple levels. I always leave a session with Lara feeling more centered and peaceful." - Lauren Spencer King

"As an integrative healer, Lara strikes a perfect balance between thoughtful and intuitive—her work is thorough, deep and ultimately quite practical in its approach. Her breadth of knowledge is evident in her ability to offer suggestions and treatment options based on my current needs and she has remained endlessly curious and collaborative throughout our work together (over three years!). I always leave sessions feeling deeply relaxed and with a greater sense of my physical, mental, and emotional body! It's worth noting that as a psychotherapist I use her as a referral source for my own client base quite frequently—she's a gem."  - Lindsay Sullivan, M.A., AMFT, RYT