Connect to your True self, your essence, the you beyond any labels and judgements - this is the place where I will lead you.


Self Love

Relaxation & Calming the Nervous System

Moving & Releasing Stagnation and Blocks in Body & Mind



My work addresses the whole of a person - the physical, emotional, mental and spiritual levels. I take the time to understand the major issues in my clients’ life to better support them in their the process of consciousness, personal growth and self love.


Calm & Relax

Reiki calms the nervous system and the mind. Working together, we find a place of calm, silence and peace. This peacefulness, most commonly associated with a deep meditative, alpha or even theta state - next to drinking enough water and breathing deeply - is one of the most healing things we can do for the body.


Channel Qi

Applying different healing modalities including craniosacral, acupuncture and of course reiki, I work with clients - both through mindful touch and emotional support - to support the free flow of energy through the body. This creates space within the body and brings clarity to the mind, moving and transforming blocked emotions, awakening the spirit, and opening the heart.

The concept of opening blocks within the body and dispersing places of stagnation has its roots in multiple forms of Eastern medicine, including Taoism and Buddhism; where the free flow of Qi or Universal Life force energy is encouraged through the meridians, chakras, physical and energetic organs. Craniosacral therapy works similarly, by tapping into the “spinal pulse” and balancing spine, sacrum and cranium, amplifying physical, mental and emotional health.

I also use guided breathwork meditation to help my clients move through emotional blocks and trauma.


Moving Toward a Higher Self

“Wellbeing” is the sense of living (life) in divine alignment. I live by the principles that I bring to my clients. Some of the tenets I hold must true include being attuned to the sensations in my body, remaining connected to the wisdom of my body and heart, and working to let go of judgmental thoughts. Most importantly, I am honest with myself, even when it’s challenging to do so. Coming to a place of inner truth is the path to  authenticity.